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“Working with Maxx was a process that unfolded like a book, in which I was the start. I appreciated the gentleness with which we began my gym workouts. It was not about surpassing a number of weights or repetitions, but rather getting to know my body and what limits it sought to surpass. My next favorite thing was learning Muy Thai boxing. I came alive! His dynamic forms or training helped my body get back into shape as well as feel excited about training. I love how he connected gym exercises that would make me stronger and more agile while boxing. This made me more enthusiastic about lifting, becuse I had a greater goal beyond my own physical fitness. I was learning to defend myself.”

Namibia Donadio

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"Without a doubt I feel more at control with my body, mind and spiritually. I Learned how to push myself to the limit without getting frustrated. However the most unique thing about training with him is that I am able to connect with Maxx on a personal level, and whenever I have a question to ask I am always able to talk and get an honest answer. The training that I have received from Maxx has impacted my life in a tremendous way."

John Lopez


“Before I started training with Maxx, I simply watched and learned from friends or others that I saw at the gym, but of course there are details that are easily missed with this method – making the workout less effective. I never had personal training before, so everything was unique with Maxx. Of course I felt comfortable, I knew that I was in good hands and with my body and mind more focused and relaxed, I was able to not only do more but also gain more from it.”

Fulian Pan

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"The most unique thing about training with Maxx is "his attention to detail and ability to personalize my plan. Maxx consistently followed up with me and helped me adjust anything that did not feel right. He created a well-rounded work out plan that did not require an unreasonable amount of time."

Steven Posada


"It was definitely an experience I will never forget. Maxx was very thorough and explained how to do each exercise step-by-step. If, at first, we did not understand, he would explain it again in a more common, easy-to-understand terminology. I would say Maxx is extremely knowledgeable in the field as a trainer. He knows what he’s doing as well as the scientific/biological reasoning behind why the body does what it does while performing exercise.

Maxx has a very uplifting and chill personality. He would joke around with us as friends, but also be serious while teaching us as a trainer would. He made exercising and going to the gym a very fun experience every time we interacted because of his persona.

This is important to me because as a college graduate reflecting back on her college lifestyle, I realize how unhealthy (weight gain especially) I was living due to the inability to balance school work with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I realized how great I felt when I began going to the gym more."

Ally Wu


Through Maxx, "I learned that nutrition is the foundation and building point for everything we do in the gym. Without proper nutrition and sleep I'm simply wasting my effort. I feel very good about the training that i've received. I saw results very quickly and was pushed passed my limits. He has an extensive knowledge base in the field. He constantly refers to each muscle group by it's proper name and has a great understanding of the foundation of the techniques that he teaches."

Andrew George



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When you first start training it could be really frustrating when you can't get things right; however, Maxx's knowledge and the way he explains things makes learning worthwhile. Maxx's training impacted my daily life because it gave me more confidence to learn Muay Thai, it also gave me more confidence in the ability to protect myself. 

 I believe Max is concerned for everyone's safety, this is the reason why he is so passionate at what he does.  After Max's teaching, I decided to embark on my own journey to learn Muay Thai, and because of he's teachings, I was able to join the advance classes in less than two months. He's teachings put me in an advantage to surpass people that started at the same time as me."

Juan Medina


"I feel Maxx's training fulfilled the expectations I had, in terms of nutrition goals, muscle building, weight loss. Also read a lot of great books. Now I eat better, have a solid routine and I'm confident about going to the gym as well as my body.

Maxx's training has definitely left me inspired. I see my body as a canvas or sculpture now, one that I understand how to mold as well as the proper steps I can take. This is driven me to create better dietary habits as well as better nutrition habits that I desperately needed. 

The he most unique factors to Maxx training is the synergy between Mental, Physical & Spiritual aspects of the body. This holistic approach became extremely helpful in my understanding of body.


Kwame Joel


“One area that I had trouble with the most were my shoulders as I had injured them at a rowing competition. Following my rotator cuff operation on my right shoulder I never quite felt in control. I would either work too hard that I would be in pain or I would not work hard enough and the atrophy would remain. The life changing experience that came about was breaking that frustrating cycle and finally gain my massive deltoids back.

I think many things make him outstanding and it is difficult to name only one. So i Name 3 most unique things regarding his approach: Client-centered, comprehensive and compassionate.

He is overqualified which goes to show he is training not just for the money but rather because he is passionate about this field and eager to contribute to the well being of his community”

Mavrick Mamaghani


Maxx is a wonderful instructor. He not only trains you physically, but mentally as well thru his intense training sessions and with the knowledge he passes on. The workouts were always well paced, no matter the group size. Maxx gives newcomers the same amount of respect and patience as those who have already been training with him, which I enjoyed very much. He creates a friendly, competitive nature between everyone training with him and he not only challenges you to surpass yourself and each other, but to surpass him as well, and he gives you the knowledge and skill set to help you do so. I highly recommend Maxx as an instructor.

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