Reiki is the study and practice of attunement, healing and balancing of the Universal Life Energy. Is derived from the terms "Rei" (universal) and "Ki" (Energy). This is a special kind of non-denominational healing that can be performed by people who are attuned to its practices.

Many who have received Reiki or have studied it describe it as arriving to a state of peace, a place of completeness or a "special state" of being, after their attunements.

There is EMPOWERMENT in Reiki. As Reiki practioners we can identify and rebalance unhealthy Ki, renew vitality and begin the healing processes in our bodies natural order. Reiki can raise the bodies vibration level and renew your individual aura, your energetic footprint in the world. Through Reiki we can begin to walk into our future, make peace with negative emotions, energies and weights on our shoulders.

Will you journey with me?

A Healthier You

$40 for 30 minute re-balancing treatment

This is an overall chakra and energy pathway rebalancing. Healing areas of discomfort, negative energy, tension and instilling a state of peace. By reminding the body of its healing pathways, meridians, nadis, chakras, and power of the mind we can revitalize organ systems and diminish the negativity we accept on a daily basis.

Targeted/focused practice

$50 for 60 minute targeted treatment

Finding and locating specific areas of discomfort, concentrated negative energy centers is the goal of the focused practice. A layered balance of each layer of a persons aura is associated with a stronger mental and emotional state. Like any blockage in any of the major blood vessels, blockages in one or more meridian system can cause dis-ease in the pathways to organ systems.

Distanced Healing

Weekly 30 minute distanced Reiki Treatment 
(Please Inquire below)

No matter the distance, Energy flows where our intentions grow. 

With this in mind I will be holding prayer and practicing Distanced Reiki Healing (once a week) for all who request this service. I will send a short questionnaire to help guide this energetic healing more specifically to the areas of your request.

Please inquire below.




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