Reiki is the study and practice of attunement, healing and balancing of the Universal Life Energy. Is derived from the terms "Rei" (universal) and "Ki" (Energy). This is a special kind of non-denominational healing that can be performed by people who are attuned to its practices.

Many who have received Reiki or have studied it describe it as arriving to a state of peace, a place of completeness or a "special state" of being, after their attunements.

There is EMPOWERMENT in Reiki. As Reiki practioners we can identify and rebalance unhealthy Ki, renew vitality and begin the healing processes in our bodies natural order. Reiki can raise the bodies vibration level and renew your individual aura, your energetic footprint in the world. Through Reiki we can begin to walk into our future, make peace with negative emotions, energies and weights on our shoulders.

Will you journey with me?





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